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Go with Aaron as he teaches you about the various areas of the field, what a day-in-the-life is like on the job, what income to expect, and how to break into certain jobs. It is not a textbook but a friendly resource to help you make decisions about your career direction, how to start a consulting practice, how to network to build referrals and advance your career, tips for considering doctoral school, and what skills you will need that you may not have learned in grad school. Whether it is your first semester in grad school or your 15th year in the field, there is something inside for anyone who wants to grow in their career.


Supervision Training – Integrated Development Model for Counselors

Vineland Adaptive Functioning Test Training

Conducting a Job Analysis

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Consultation Services


  • Latex Typesetting (article or book formatting)

Forensic Rehabilitation Evaluation

  • Employability Analysis
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