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Hi, Aaron here. If you have any questions about the above order, I’m happy to answer them.  If you use this form, it will go directly to my email, so you can be confident that I’ll respond soon.  Actually, my dad is helping me send out books, so it goes to him and you might hear from either of us. Either way, we want to get you answers as soon as we can.  In the meantime, you might check out the FAQ’s on the About Book page.  As questions come in I’ll keep that updated.

Shipping, Refunds, and Returns


  • I use USPS “media mail” which is typically “slow but cheap.”  I did this to keep the costs down for you and expenses down for me.  If you need a rush delivery, you can either choose the best option during checkout, or use the Contact Me form and let me know what works best for your location.


  • If books are returned in the unopened package, a 100% refund will be given
  • If package is opened and book is in unread condition, a 100% refund will be given
  • If book shows signs of use, Aaron reserves the right to assess the condition of resale value.  Based on resale markets of other books, (I’m not interested in making money off of resales.  I just want to get what is fair.  Considering the time it will take to resell a ‘used-condition’ book, I’m just anticipating what I think people will want to pay. If I can sell it to others easily at 75% of cost, that’s what I’ll give you.  If I have to sell it online at 25%, unfortunately that’s all I can offer in return. If you want to return a book, imagine I’m a used book store with an kind old man behind the counter who needs to stay in business but takes great joy in sharing the love of books with another person.  That’s how I hope this goes.)


  • Returns can be sent to Aaron Mertes,  2901 St. Johns Ave., Billings, MT, 59102
  • Any item can be returned at any time
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